Creating Grief Rituals: It’s Harder Than You Think But Don’t Stop Trying

What worked for me, kind-of worked, or didn’t at all

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

When you’re grieving, your brain becomes the world’s biggest jerk and the best-worst investigative journalist.

What didn’t work

1. Planning an epic annual group trip

2. Starting a trust or scholarship

3. Cooking their favorite meal

4. Getting a tattoo in their memory

What kind-of worked

1. A low-key visit to a significant spot

2. Donating to charity in their memory

3. Learning a new skill

4. Leaning in on shared experiences

My mantra is, when in doubt, reach out.

What helped

1. Being kinder to myself

2. Giving people their flowers while they are still here

3. Paying it forward

4. Writing for the sake of writing

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